In this guide we’ll take a look at the best toys for 10 year olds.
We’ve compared design, features, build quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Toys For 10 Year Olds?

This innovative science laboratory brings intelligent robots to life. Kids can build 5 robots of increasing complexity, teaching them valuable skills. The infrared sensors allow the robots to recognise objects around them.

This Snap Circuits Pro kit is educational and fun. Learn about green energy options by building over 125 projects for alternative energy strategies. Great for teaching your 10 year old about the planet.

This Sunnytech engine will teach kids about heat energy and is fun to watch. It runs freely on top of hot water or cold ice, and it’s easy to set up. Perfect for any budding scientists who want to impress their friends!

Science mad kids will love this lab playset. Kids can carry out 100 safe and tested experiments to get them learning what’s what in the world of science. Comes with 19 assorted chemicals with safety caps and 20 pieces of equipment.

A lab for budding scientists, this chemistry lab has over 100 tried and tested experiments to enhance your child’s learning. Includes 20 assorted chemicals and a range of equipment, great for science mad boys and girls.

The Hasbro Game of Life is great family fun, perfect for rainy days or parties. This digital version puts a modern spin on a classic, with electronic banking instead of paper money. Easy to follow and bound to get competitive.

This board game is simple and clever; a tile laying game that constantly gives players new challenges. Create a perfect city, deploy followers to control the landscape, and get your thinking cap on!

Name 5 is a family friendly game that requires players to name five of something famous – it could be rivers, kings, or even fashion designers. Sound easy? You don’t have much time! Quick thinking, fun and educational.

This jigsaw puzzle case will hold most puzzles of up to 1500 pieces, meaning you can take a jigsaw with you whenever you need the kids distracted! It’s good quality and you can pack away a part-assembled jigsaw with ease.

This fun and unique party game is half football, half air hockey and it’s seriously competitive. Fast and frantic, this game can be played on any flat surface. It’s beautifully designed and built to last.

In this game, players recruit the Roman legion to battle and defend their cities, forging alliances with other players. Kids can play cooperatively or take on the barbarians alone. It’s serious fun for 1 to 5 players.

As if UNO isn’t competitive enough, there’s now an extreme version. The random card shooter will make the game exciting, frantic and unpredictable, while the sounds only add to the tension. Shouting and arguing guaranteed!

10 year olds will love this relaxing Tokaido board game, in which each player crosses the East Sea road collecting items and visiting temples on the way. The winner is the one who discovers the most amazing and interesting things.

This card game is easy to play and competitive. Players choose whimsical and dreamlike art that matches the storyteller’s tale, but they have to find it before anyone else. Gets the kids thinking and creative.

This LEGO robot building kit is perfect for rainy days. Build and program walking, talking and thinking robots, then control and command them with the enclosed remote control. Building instructions are included.

Save civilians from danger with the LEGO rescue helicopter. This has a pitching main rotor and spinning tail rotor, as well as retracting landing gear. With this kit, there’s two options for the type of helicopter, and both can be motorised.

This Star Wars LEGO kit includes 8 mini figures with assorted weapons and accessories. Mos Eisley Cantina has a dome roof and an entrance with a droid scanner. The detail is great and it’s perfect for Star Wars fanatics.

Ship-mad 10 year olds will love this LEGO RMS Titanic set. It contains a whopping 262 pieces and measures an enormous 67 cm in length when fully built. The detail is incredible but the build will take a while!

Bring your kids the iconic red London bus with this plastic kit. It contains 391 pieces and measures 38.1 cm in length. These look exactly like their full size counterparts, and building it is a serious challenge.

This Haynes V8 combustion engine will get your kids’ science caps on. It’s a fully functional motorised model designed to teach them (and you!) how a V8 engine works. It comes with clear step by step instructions.

A freestyle BMX bike is the perfect gift for adventurous 10 year olds. This has a 360 degrees roto-head and 20 inch black alloy rims. It looks awesome and is built to last, made from steel with a glossy black and blue finish.

Make the most of windy days with this Kengel kite. This model is a full 28 inches wide and 160 inches long. It’s exceptionally easy to fly even in little wind. The line is 115 feet long, and it’s ready to fly without assembly.

This Xbox One X boasts 40% more power than any other console, and is bound to keep the kids distracted for a while. Play online with other gamers on the most advanced multiplayer network, or use it to play high quality Blu-rays.

The Sony Playstation 4 has incredible resolution, letting you enjoy movies and games in 4K. It has high dynamic range technology for vibrant colours and great clarity. Games available can be educational as well as entertaining.

Boys and girls will love this Copper Dualshock. This has a great design and awesome colour, with the responsive sticks and buttons giving great precision while you game. The Share button lets you add other players.

This Sport White wireless Xbox controller is special edition and it looks great with the mint and silver accents. With this you can plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5 mm headset jack, while the Bluetooth technology lets you game across devices.

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