In this guide we’ll take a look at the best toys for 11 year olds.
We’ve compared design, features, build quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Toys For 11 Year Olds?

This kit is chock full of activities with over 750 experiments for your 11 year old to construct. They’ll learn about electromagnets, solar-powered experiments and vibration switches. Great fun and educational for adults and kids alike.

This metal microscope has a glass lens and eye pieces for high quality observations. It boasts 3 zoom levels and contains all the accessories you need to turn your kids into budding biologists! Includes 50 fun experiments.

Creative and unique, this invention kit lets you turn everyday objects like bananas into touch pads or pianos! There’s thousands of options, and it’s easy to set up. Simply plug it into your computer and start inventing.

This Molymod Chemistry set has 108 atoms to demonstrate molecules and structures, perfect for making chemistry homework fun! It includes durable plastic atom parts in various colours and links for assembling models.

Kick down the door, fight the monster and grab the treasure with the Munchkin Pathfinder card game. All you have to do to win is reach level 10 – easy, right? One of the best rainy-day card games for 11 year olds.

The BattleBots Arena is the perfect place for your Hexbugs to compete. It includes two push activated pulverising hammers, batter-worn detachable robot pieces and more. Good quality and guarantees the kids hours of fun.

Fight for global domination with the Risk board game. This game has three exciting ways to play depending on your experience. Winners will be risk takers and natural leaders. Warning – it’ll get competitive!

The Telestrations game requires no drawing skills, all you need is a sense of humour! Draw what you see and guess what you saw – but you don’t have much time! Great for Christmas and birthday parties, and the perfect ice breaker.

The Machi Koro card game is the perfect rainy day fun. This is a city building card game, in which players compete to build the best city. Fast, furious, with more than a dozen resources. For 2-4 competitive players!

The Brainbox Board Game is not for the faint hearted! A visual memory game, this requires serious concentration and a competitive spirit. Can be played by one or more players and offers great fun and learning.

Lord of the Rings fanatics will love this version of classic board game Risk. Battle with specially sculpted LOTR characters, command either a good or evil force and decide the fate of Middle Earth. The board is beautifully detailed.

The Harry Potter Hogwarts game lets you play as your favourite characters and defend the world from evil forces. Battle villains, unlock abilities. There’s 7 successive game adventures for hours of fun. Suitable for 2 to 4 players.

Based on the hit show, ‘All Star Mr & Mrs’, this game is seriously fun for all the family. How well do you think you know your family? This game will put you to the test! It contains over 1,000 questions to help you bond as a family.

This Bingo Cage is perfect for some pretend bingo at home for the kids. The set includes high quality balls and a checkerboard, while the medium sized bingo cage is built to last, with coated metal for a smooth and quiet operation.

Fans of Disney’s villains will love this game. Be a villain, defeat the heroes and carry out evil schemes, suitable for 2-6 players. Take on the role of a Disney villain, each with unique abilities and strategies to take out opponents.

Boys and girls alike will love this spy game. Two rival spymasters know the identities of 25 agents, the others only know them by code names and must figure out the clues. Great fun and gets the kids thinking!

Take on the Crystal Maze with this board game, designed to test everything from physical to mental strength. Time crystals are the reward for success. Mind bending puzzles throughout and teamwork is essential!

The Space Cowboys T.I.M.E Agency protects the universe and humanity. In this game, players act as agents sent to different worlds to complete missions, travelling back in time if they fail. Great for puzzle solving and hours of fun.

11 year olds will love this high quality, easy to fly, camera-equipped Quadcopter. It has great stability and wind resistance, and can easily carry out impressive flight movements. The camera gives you a quality bird’s eye view of your surroundings.

This uniquely designed drone is both fun and simple to fly. It’s good quality and long lasting, and the camera is fantastic. Throw the drone directly, and the propellers will automatically switch on. Great for sunny days.

An RC car is a must-have for 11 year olds, and this VATOS model is the perfect beginner’s model. It’s high speed, electric and easy to control. It performs well both indoor and outdoor, and is durable enough to take a bashing or two!

LEGO is loved all round the world, and this Mercedes-Benz kit is great for car fanatics. This build-you-own kit has a large motor and independent suspension. It’s comprised of 2793 elements, making it a serious challenge!

The LEGO All Terrain RC truck is seriously fun to build. It comes equipped with a large motor, battery box, receiver and a range of RC functions. It performs just as well as standard RC vehicles, with the build offering an extra challenge!

This LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel toy is a highly detailed 2 in 1 model excavator with motorised functions. It’s a firm favourite for LEGO lovers, with power functions like forward and reverse and a rotating bucket wheel.

The Ocean Explorer is for ship enthusiasts, complete with a captain’s bridge, landing pad and working crane. It has over 1,300 pieces making it a challenge to build, but worth it! Beautifully detailed and great quality.

Enjoy this LEGO Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore building set, perfect for Harry Potter fans. Build the two characters and add them to your collection of characters. Authentic details include Dumbledore’s beard and Ron’s ginger hair!

Build your own Sports Roadster with this set, guaranteed to keep the kids occupied for hours. It has RC functionality and is made from real metal parts and snap fasteners for an authentic look. All you need is a battery.

This Nerf Mega blaster has a 24-dart rotating drum for blasting away the enemy…or family members! This fires darts up to 23 meters, with rapid speed. This blaster will provide hours of fun although you may get a few bruises!

Nail those tricky basketball shots with this Yaheetech basketball set. This is durable and versatile, with an adjustable hoop and backboard. Contains 2 heavy duty wheels for maneuverability, great for indoor or outdoor use.

Take down the enemy with this Nerf 10 dart blaster toy, perfect for after-school fun with friends. This offers 3 ways to blast, either separately or combined. No batteries required, just an evil enemy and a good aim!

This PS4 Minecraft game is loved by boys and girls. Be your own hero of a grand adventure with Minecraft, embarking on a quest across the Overworld. This contains eight episodes on one disc, Season 1 and the Adventure Pass.

The world needs more heroes, and this Xbox game lets you choose your hero from a cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers and oddities. Unleash powers and defy physics, battling real life enemies (other players!) from all around the globe.  

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