In this guide we’ll take a look at the best toys for 12 year olds.
We’ve compared design, features, build quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Toys For 12 Year Olds?

This smart robot car is one of the best smart cars for 12 year olds. For beginners to get hands on experience with programming and robotics, this model is ideal – easy to assemble and fun to drive via a mobile app. The perfect intro to smart toys.

Learn what’s what in the world with this stunning globe! Raised relief so mountain regions can be physically felt and antique style with modern cartography. With over 4,000 place names, there’s no excuse for your kids not knowing their capitals!

Leading puzzle brand Roxenda have created a cube that’s great fun for the whole family. This cube is fast and smooth to use. The stickerless colour scheme means no fading or cheating, and it’s specially designed to play one handed.

The ROBOTIME wooden puzzle is perfect for robot-obsessed kids! Once completed, the legs and arms can move, and you’ll be rewarded with your own hand-cranked music box. Seriously fun and helps develop motor skills and problem solving abilities.

This Stirling engine is as educational as it is fun, allowing your kids to learn about heat engines and gases as they play. This looks simple but has clever features, and figuring out how it works is half the challenge.

Get your 12 year olds practising their X-Factor auditions early with this Carnaval Karaoke Machine. It comes with 2 wired microphones, bluetooth capabilities, multi-coloured dome lights and a built in rechargeable battery for over 8 hours of fun.  

This turn based progression game is fun for the entire family, for 1 to 5 players with each game lasting over 120 minutes. It’s filled with well-made components and is fun without being too simple. Enjoy the various expansions available.

The Flying Frog Fortune and Glory game is perfect for kids and their friends who want some after school fun. Travel the globe and fend off villains. It can be played by 1-8 players, each choosing one of eight pulp adventure heroes.

Gather your friends, kick down the doors and wipe out the monsters! In this game you can either go it alone or make pretend allies. This game is relatively simple to play, perfect for 12 year olds, with the aim to reach level 10. Suitable for 4-6 players.

Based on the Terry Pratchett novel, the Witches Board Game is for 12+ year olds and 1-4 players. Players take on the role of trainee witches, learning their craft and tackling invasions. Each player tries to be the best – fun and competitive!

The Hexbug micro-robot is a fun little robotic critter that relies on the power of vibration to move. It’s designed to foster creativity and fine-motor skills. Set contains 2 glow in the dark nano mutations and a range of shapes of pieces.

Take on the role of one of the masked Lords of Waterdeep in this fun and competitive board game. Using force, trickery, negotiation and influence, your kids can take control of a city and expand it. For 2-5 players and 12+ year olds.

A spooky game for only the bravest boys and girls, players explore a haunted mansion of their own design. With multiple scenarios and a different layout each time, no game is ever the same. Perfect for parties.

This beginner’s drone has altitude hold, voice control, G-sensor and can even do 3D flips. It has a one key operation making it easy to fly, and the durable and flexible material means it’ll withstand any accidental bumps.

This drone is both powerful and easy to fly. The front camera is easily adjusted, and you can lock the height and position of the drone using your hands. Use the ‘V’ gesture to take selfies! Enjoy 360 degree rolls and LED lights.

Impress your friends with the Sky Viper! This drone is easy to operate and a stunt machine, performing 8 impressive stunts at just the touch of a button. Auto take off, hover and land makes this drone easy to control.

The HASAKEE RC drone has a live video camera, built in wifi, and makes a great gift for kids. Choose from 3 speeds depending on your experience. This drone is easy to control and has headless security mode for an easier flight.

Fans of Frozen will love these Anna, Elsa and Olaf figures. Great quality with beautiful sparkly dresses, while the wheels on the bottom add to the fun. Hours of fun for Disney princess fantastics and their friends.

Fans of movie Wall-E will love the LEGO replica of the film’s lovable robot. With a movable neck, adjustable head and gripping hands, this set is wonderfully detailed. Measures over 18 cm high when fully built!

The Big Bang Theory is loved by all ages, and this LEGO set is perfect for 12 year olds. Build Leonard and Sheldon’s living room complete with mini figures of all seven main characters from the show. Great attention to detail.

Get the kids building a detailed model of Paris’s Eiffel Tower, measuring 31 cm high. This toy contains 321 pieces making it no easy feat. Includes a booklet all about the building’s architecture and history.

This indoor gym combines fun and fitness, with an indoor swing, rings, trapeze bars, ladder and swinging rope. It fits most standard doorways and is lightweight, safe and loved by everyone! Easy to install with no drilling or marks.

Get the kids outside with this full croquet set. Hours of fun for up to 4 players, this set includes quality mallets, croquet balls and steel hoops. Perfect for family days in the sunshine and birthday parties.

The Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game is the ultimate summer party piece. Players take turns to throw and deflect the disc, making it great for coordination and seriously competitive! This set has a durable high quality construction.

This Level 3 Copic Colouring Guide will help your kids learn to draw faces and people. It’s perfect for beginners or for aspiring artists, with illustrated guidance and step-by-step instructions.

Craft fanatics will love this glitter glue, adding excitement to greeting cards, letters, envelopes, holiday and party decorations. This has a fine point applicator to keep things neat and comes in a bright and bold firefly colour.

Follow the simple number guides to create a stunning work of art. This set includes 10 paints, an artist quality board and a paint by number design. It’s perfect for enhancing the kids creativity and helping them make something to be proud of!

Scrapbookers and stamp fanatics will love this Tim Holtz collection of rubber stamps, mounted on cling foam. The spooky designs are a real crowd pleaser, and they come on a 3-hole punched sheet for easy storage.

These professional quality pencils are available in rich, vibrant colours and can be used either dry or with water for a dramatic watercolour effect. Perfect for aspiring artists, these pencils are beautifully versatile. A set of 24 stunning colours.

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