In this guide we’ll take a look at the best toys for 4 year olds.
We’ve compared design, features, build quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Toys For 4 Year Olds?

Perfect for learning different languages, this two-sided interactive map allows your kids to meet characters from all over the world and learn how to say ‘hello’ in their languages. It has over 10 family-friendly games to teach a large range of skills.

Four year olds will love racing to the rescue in 8 exciting missions! Each activity teaches basic learning skills covering natural phenomena and forces of nature, jobs and professions, map skills and much more.

This giant 100 piece construction set contains chutes, starter tops, roundabouts, marbles, and much more, that all slot together easily. You can build simple marble runs or something more complex when you get the hang of it. 

Fun for all the family, this Say It Don’t Spray It game is loved all over the world and produces some social media gold. Put in the mouthpiece and try to say famous sayings with as much dignity as you can, the kids will love it!

Save your catch before the shark snaps! Use the fishing rod to try to avoid the shark’s deadly bite! Rolling the dice tells you how many fish you need to rescue. It’s loved by kids and perfect for rainy days.

Develop your 4 year old’s reading and spelling with this Match and Spell board game. This helps increase memory skills and is educational while still being seriously fun. There are two ways to play, one easy and one more challenging.

This RC freight train has a front and back light, horn and track sounds. The RC unit controls the speed and direction of the train, and it comes with a trailer car with fold down sides. The track measures 1.44m in length.

This cute Lalaloopsy RC scooter comes in a bright pink and makes adorable Lalaloopsy sounds. It also plays music, moves forward and can pop a wheelie! It’s excellent quality, will withstand the odd tumble, and easy to control.

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This talking Buzz Lightyear has over 65 sayings in his original voice, meaning you’re never short of classic Buzz lines! It has Dual Space Ranger and Toy modes, and an interactive talk back communication. He even has a retractable helmet!

This classic Marvel Titan Hero is perfect for both collecting or playing! Captain America has superhuman strength, ability and a powerful shield – all you need to fight off the enemies! He stands 12 inches tall and he’s great for the kids.

This cute Shopkins collector case holds over 60 Shopkins, more than enough space for your child’s collection. This can be used to store and display Shopkins characters and it even comes with two characters to get you started.

Battle the enemy with this 13-inch electronic Hulk Buster figure. He recognises and speaks to other Avengers Titan Hero Tech figures, and pushing the arm button will activate his famous jackhammer punch. Great light and sound effects!

Aspiring doctors will love this Doctor’s set. This has eight glittery and sparkly pieces, including a thermometer, syringe, blood pressure cuff and magic stethoscope. It may not save many lives but it’s great fun for 4 year olds!

This Sylvanian family collection is the perfect birthday gift for kids. The characters are up to 8 cm high and can be dressed and undressed. This collection includes a full family – mother, father, brother and sister, each in beautiful costumes.

This LEGO set is perfect for 4 year olds. It contains 134 pieces which is enough bricks, windows and doors to construct a house, car, tree and a pet dog! It also includes 3 mini-figures to enjoy what their newly built house!

Learn about British railways with this Caledonian Belle set. The locomotive, coach and wagon come with an oval track and controller unit, and extra track and accessories can be added. It’s a great introduction to old trains, and the track is powerful and fun.

The perfect gift for little engineers, this toy is an all in one puzzle set that provides hours of entertainment. It’s great for boosting brain power, helping them to problem solve, learn attention to detail and develop fine motor skills.

This Playmobil set is loved by 4 year old princesses! Take a stroll on the princess’ island, enjoy a romantic boat ride with the prince and listen to the sound of the birds. Playmobil figures provide hours of fun and can bend, sit and stand.

Build a carriage and castle with this Cinderella LEGO set. It contains 116 pieces making it great for 4 year olds, and the castle measures over 13 cm high! Includes Disney’s Cinderella and Prince Charming, plus a puppy and a horse.

This LEGO brick box allows you to create your own buildings and whatever else you want, using the whopping 790 pieces in 33 different colours. This also contains eight types of windows and doors, and a range of special pieces.

Summer in style with this Playmobil camper. This campervan is outfitted with a kitchenette, a detachable roof and awning, as well as a mini bath, toilet and beds. The included characters will have the summer of their lives!

This Kiddo Racer Go Kart is fun enough to be loved by 4 year olds, but safe enough to be loved by the parents too! It has a hand operated rear wheel brake, a fully enclosed chain, rubber wheels and easy steering.

Embrace your 4 year old’s inner artist with this Junior Art Easel. This has a whiteboard on one side and a classic blackboard on the other. It comes with chalks, paint pots and a board erase – all your child needs to create a masterpiece.

This Micki Weaving Loom will teach your 4 year old the art of weaving! It’s easy to use, made from natural wood and keeps alive a craft that many had forgotten. Weave mats for the dolls house, table runners or even a picture!

Truck lovers will love this bright yellow Crane Truck! There is much attention to detail, the crane attachment swivels by 360 degrees, and the boom can rise to 1.3m high! It’s the perfect toy for 4 year olds and the next best thing to driving a real crane!

Save people from burning buildings with this Bruder fire engine. It’s great quality and includes a slewing ladder, water pump, Light and Sound Module and a ladder that lifts to 1.2 m. It’s beautifully detailed and made to a 1:16 scale. 

These dolls are perfect for fashionistas. Ashlynn Ella wears a trendy dress, sheer sleeves and matching shoes, while Hunter Huntsman models a green top and leather inspired vest. This comes with doll stands, a hairbrush and character bookmarks.

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This modern dolls house encourages learning and interaction, while keeping your 4 year old occupied for hours! It’s fully equipped with a living room, kitchen/diner, bedroom and bathroom, and comes with a whole bundle of accessories.

Cute and cuddly, this Daisy kitty responds to you. Pet her forehead, wave her kitty toy at her and press her paw. She can pounce, jump, wiggle her paws and meow. The next best thing to a real cat – and a lot less stress for the parents!

This talented Show Bird is a true performer. He sings, dances, tells jokes and does hilarious impressions. Record phrases and hear him repeat them in his voice. He has over 50 sound and motion combinations, making him a real showstopper.

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