In this guide we’ll take a look at the best toys for 5 year olds.
We’ve compared design, features, build quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Toys For 5 Year Olds?


This little robot is perfect for 5 year olds. It’s easy to build and can be controlled by either a remote or smartphone using the Makeblock app. This is great for developing logic skills, and kids can either follow the guide or have a go at some DIY!

The Osmo Genius Kit contains 5 award-winning games that’ll transform your iPad into a fantastic learning tool. It’ll help teach the kids maths and spelling, as well as skills like visual thinking and creative drawing. Fun and educational!

This Lab Duo-Scope is perfect for teaching kids how to use a microscope and giving them a head start in biology. It’s battery powered meaning it can be taken out and about, and objects can be viewed at up to 400x their size.

This coding robot encourages smart logic and critical thinking skills, and it’s packed full of fun but educational features. Children program Botley to perform a sequence of steps, avoiding obstacles and moving objects.

Perfect for young girls, this Smart Watch is bright pink and seriously fun. Kids can take pictures and videos, adding effects to them, and it includes a whopping 8 games. This also has a motion sensor and intuitive colour touch screen.  

The Magic Cauldron game is one of the few games that can make maths fun! This offers a unique way to practise addition, subtraction and multiplication, with a fun, competitive twist. Great for perfecting your 5 year old’s maths skills!

The Simbix Crafter Kit is designed to help develop imagination and creativity. It contains over 3,000 ‘brix’ and a deck of inspiration cards to help your kids create beautiful designs. There’s no iron needed and it’s great for focus and fine motor skills.

Not for the faint hearted, this Wild Pets spider pack looks and moves just like a real spider – great for pranking the parents! It has touch sensors meaning you can control the behaviour – using creep, explore or attack mode.

An RC boat is a must have and this model is perfect for 5 year olds. It’s fast but easy to use, arriving ready to run. Reaching speeds up of up to 30 km/h, this is high-speed fun, and the auto-flip function will ensure you don’t lose it!

This Clever Keet bird is the feathered friend your 5 year old needs. Give him a name, pet him and watch him sing, talk, dance and swing. You can teach him to speak and he’ll even respond to your questions!

This fun and fierce Dino Boomer balances on two wheels and comes to life with a fun chomping action. He can speak, sit and tail whip through gesture commands, and his eyes will even change colour depending on his mood!

Doctor Who fans will love these action figure collection sets. They’re perfect for collecting, with each doctor coming with an accessory or personal possession. These are beautifully detailed and includes a short description of each character.

Your kids are going to love putting on their very own puppet show with this Puppet Theatre, perfect for aspiring directors! The set is 135 cm tall and easy to set up. It includes 4 lovely puppets, including the world famous Punch and Judy.

Transform yourself into one of Star Wars’ most loved characters, Chewbacca! This mask has a movie-like appearance and opening your mouth will activate the famous Chewbacca roar! Use the straps to adjust the fit.

Explore the deep blue ocean with this LEGO set. It includes 3 mini-figures with assorted accessories, as well as a remote submarine with spinning propellers and robotic arms. It’s easy to build so perfect for younger kids.

The Little Mermaid fans will love this LEGO set. Build Ariel’s cave featuring a sliding door, treasure chest and a hideout for Flounder. This also comes with the evil Ursula. It has just 222 pieces making it a perfect project for 5 year olds.

Get them active and outside with this easy to scoot Micro Maxi Scooter. This is Swiss designed and engineered, excellent quality and seriously safe. The handle bar is comfortable to hold and easy to remove for storing.

Make the school run fun with this awesome Kick Scooter. This has a durable steel framework, quality-built wheels and the handle bar has fantastic grip. The front and rear wheel handbrake ensures safety is the top priority.

This Pogo Stick has a quality construction and arrives fully assembled. It’s seriously fun but above all, very safe, thanks to the anti-slip foot pads and grippy handles. It helps improve balance, concentration and fitness.

Create four sparkly dolphin scenes with this mosaic by number kit from the Orb Factory. It’s seriously creative and easy to follow, just place the glittery sticky squares on the corresponding colours to create lovely patterns.

This offers an unusual way to get dinosaur-loving kids creative. It’s easy to use and fun, simply create cast models by tipping the safe mixture into plastic moulds. Once it’s set and dry, your kids can paint the models with the included paints.

This is the ultimate art case, with 140 pieces including 64 crayons and 20 short coloured pencils, a variety of washable markers and much more. The different compartments makes finding the perfect colour easy. The snap-fit tray is secure meaning this case can be taken on the go.

5 year old girls will love this beautiful Cinderella doll. With a stunning iconic dress that has multicolour blue and purple layers, this doll really sparkles! The colourful butterflies are a lovely touch. Perfect for anyone’s collection!

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This Rebel dreamer is daughter of the Evil Queen, but she has a good heart and great style. This doll is extremely fashionable and the queen of accessories, with silver bangle bracelets, a black purse and open-toe wedge heels.

5 year olds will love this Barbie because of her great outfit and even better hair! Style it yourself using the included curling tools and hair curlers, and give her hair the finishing touch with the brush, barrettes and rubber bands.

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This cute and brightly coloured holiday themed Shoppies doll is loved by kids all over. Macy Macaron has a French travel theme, complete with a suitcase, passport and VIP luggage tag. She’s all you need to travel in style!


You won’t know who’s inside this Mystery Egg until you open it. But whether it’s a fluffy bunwee, hedgehog or elefly, 5 year olds will love taking care of their new pet, raising it from a baby to a kid. You can even teach them to say your name!

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