In this guide we’ll take a look at the best toys for 9 year olds.
We’ve compared design, features, build quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Toys For 9 Year Olds?

This educational kit allows kids to build a circuit with light, sound, sensing and buttons. It’s a great introduction to physics, with over 150,000 possible circuit combinations. Includes an easy to follow instruction book.

Biology enthusiasts will love this microscope. It’s easy to use with a 360 rotating wide angle eyepiece, and three magnifications. It can be used with your smartphone and has an adjustable LED light.

Rock tumblers are huge fun for kids and 9 year olds will love this tumbling machine. It has 9 types of rough gemstones, polishing grits and jewellery fastenings. Plus, it’s high quality and easy to operate.

Use your imagination to build tracks and set the Gravity Spheres rolling. This is a great introduction to gravity and includes over 120 pieces. Use the blueprints included or go it alone! This can be extended indefinitely with extra track packs.

This electronics kit is perfect for 9 year olds wanting to learn about electric circuits, and they can even design their own. It’s great for all abilities and teaches kids how to control the brightness of lamps and different types of switches.

This Harry Potter themed board game allows players to venture through Hogwarts, exploring hidden rooms and secret passages searching for clues. Avoid ghosts on the way and solve the mystery of the secret spell. For 3-6 players.

Test your memory and concentration with the Simon Game! This has thousands of random sequences to test powers of concentration. Experience the light effects as you reach the highest levels. This includes AA batteries.

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This party speaker is huge fun for the kids. It boasts a dynamic, powerful sound and it’s Bluetooth connected so you can send music from your phone. You’ll feel like a true pop star with the included microphone and light show.

Kids will love this family-friendly game of Monopoly with a travel update. This version includes exotic locations like the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower. Players buy stamps for their passport, great for giving you the travel bug.

Disney fanatics will love this Disney edition of Monopoly which features fairytale lands and all of Disney’s most loved animations. Players chose from one of Disney’s characters as their token and trade their way to success!

The perfect RC car for 9 year olds, this model is easy to drive and complete with everything you need to get going. Build it then paint and decorate it yourself, helping get the kids creative. It’s also durable and serious fun.

This RC car is a build-it-yourself kit complete with a radio system, battery, charger and Electric Speed Controller unit. It’s great for 9 year olds because it’s easy to drive yet still exciting. It’s exceptionally durable and performs well over small jumps.

This RC drone lets you see real time footage from your smartphone, as it comes complete with an HD camera. It has three different speeds, and can tackle 360’s with ease. It’s also easy to fly and convenient to charge.

Using Gesturesense technology the WowWee MiPosaur and track ball moves according to your commands, whether that’s your hands or moving objects. Watch it become annoyed, playful or scared, and play with the included multi-feature Trackball.

This Vault Boy model stands 3.75 inches tall and comes in a window display box. It’s the perfect collectors’ item, and fans of the popular role-playing video game Fallout will love it. Cute and really well detailed.

Build this Banshee yourself – it comes complete with an opening canopy and dual plasma cannons. The action figure included is highly detailed with detachable armour, and combine it with other Halo sets to add to the fun with your own Halo universe.

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Star Wars lovers will be in their element with the buildable LEGO Millennium Falcon. This is beautifully detailed, complete with a detachable cockpit and dual spring-loaded shooters. Figures included are Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey and many more.

Didn’t get your Hogwarts letter? This is the next best thing. Build Hogwarts from LEGO complete with the movable Grand Staircase, potions and treasure rooms. Includes all the favourite Harry Potter characters.

The K’NEX roller coaster building set is seriously fun and will turn your 9 year old into a theme park engineer! It has over 890 pieces and a motorised chain lift, making the build no easy feat! Two coaster cars means double the fun!

All 9 year olds need an RC toy, and this LEGO model is easy to drive and set up. It has 370 pieces, is fully motorised and remote controlled. It makes 360 degree turns with ease and the kit includes everything you need.

This roller coaster building set contains 640 parts and boasts a motorised chain lift coaster system. It has over 14 feet of track in awesome colours to give the kids hours of fun. Includes instructions for a second model too.

Build a speedy and sporty race kart, designed by LEGO with real working steering and moving pistons. This includes high quality racing tyres, stickers for decorating and a gearbox. It’s easy to drive but a challenge to build!

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There’s no feeling like the Razor Ripstik skateboard. Kids can master tricks and skills, or simply get to where they need to be – faster! It resembles surfing or snowboarding but on dry land, and the lightweight construction means you can stay up in the air for longer!

Get the competitive spirit flowing with Spikeball. It’s easy to learn and requires just 4 people and an open space. Kids and adults alike love it because it’s great exercise, without feeling like exercise! This has an adjustable net and foldable legs.

Get fit and have fun with this mini fitness trampoline. It’s perfect for getting the kids outside after school. This model is durable and springy, and the high quality mesh material will keep the kids safe.

The best pogo stick for 9 year olds, this Yabbay model will improve their balance, concentration and finess, plus it’s a whole load of fun! This pogo stick has easy-grip foam handles and non-slip foot pegs for added safety.

Budding artists will love this oil painting set. This includes oil paints in a range of colours, brushes and an instructional DVD – everything you need to create the next masterpiece. 9 year olds will love getting creative – or making a mess!

This beginners paint by numbers set includes a textured art board, brush and 7 high quality acrylic paints, all the kids need to create their first perfect painting! No art skills required.

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